Washington High School
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Ferndale Restaurants

You're at Ferndale High School. Where to eat?

Within category, listed in order from closest to furthest away, as of January 2012. All are less than a mile away.

Quick Food

Little Caesar's Pizza360-380-18002055 Vista Dr
Subway360-380-15995675 3rd Ave.
Quizno's360-384-67671873 Main St #2
Sonic Drive-in360-778-15711851 Main Street
Haggen Chinese (PandaX)360-380-72201815 Main Street
Dairy Queen360-384-13125631 Riverside Dr
McDonalds360-380-57271688 Main St

Pizza Delivered

Pizza Hut360-393-3132


Chihuahua's (Mexican)360-384-58205694 3rd Ave.
Luxe Thai360-312-94335687 3rd Ave.
Curry House (India)360-312-87792034 Main St.
Dimitri's (Greek/Italian)360-384-67672020 Main St.
Cedar's Restaurant360-384-28472019 Main St
Bob's Burgers360-384-17661781 Main St
Asian Bistro360-384-28181730 Labounty Dr #1
Coconut Kenny's360-656-59741740 Labounty Dr #1
Denny's360-380-39225720 Barrett Rd