Washington High School
Chess Association

2012 Washington State High School
State Team Championship
Friday & Saturday, February 24 & 25, 2012


Issaquah High School, 700 2nd Ave. SE, Issaquah, WA 98027.    (See Google maps driving directions )

Register your team online online before Wednesday, February 28th at 8:00 pm.


Allow plenty of time; these are very congested areas.

Take these directions with you on tournament day!

From I-90 Eastbound:

From I-90 Westbound:

Take these directions with you on tournament day!


5 round Swiss system tournament of 5 player teams with 2 optional reserves.

Pairing and placing is by team point system (all board scores count!). Teams from the same league will not be paired in the early rounds whenever possible.

Pairing is by computer with hand adjustments.


Teams: Must place in top half plus one team in each league. If an eligible team chooses not to participate, the next eligible team may replace it. Check with league director. Schools without a league available are "independent" and may enter.

Individuals on a team: The WHSCA website (www.whsca.org) has the complete team eligibility policy but here's a brief summary:

  1. Players must be registered for a majority of their program at the school they represent.
  2. A home schooled student or a student at a school without any chess program may appeal to WHSCA to play for the closest available public school
  3. Such school should be their resident public school (if one is explicitly stated in district policy) or, if not applicable, the closest public school with a program.


Make sure your contact information is present on your entry form.

Special note: No school can enter this tournament without a full team (of five). Please do not show up without a full team or you will not be allowed to compete. Also, we will not typically allow varsity players to play in the JV Individual.

Board Order

Establish your team board order carefully when pre-registering. Absolutely no changes from this pre-registered order will be allowed at the tournament except for the use of alternates.

The variance on established ratings is 150 points. AGAIN, ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE OF BOARD ORDER FROM YOUR PRE-REGISRATION, EXCEPT FOR ALTERNATES, WILL BE ALLOWED ON SITE AT CHECK-IN!! Call or email Randy Kaech the night before if you have changes!


Northwest Scholastic Rating System, no memberships required. We will use the latest ratings from the NWSRS database. NWSRS ratings are available at any time at www.ratingsnw.com.

RATINGS, SPECIAL NOTE: Players must play in order of playing strength. Our rules allow a 150 point variance of ratings on team placement if coaches and captains feel a player is not correctly placed by the rating. Variances of order greater than 150 points should be explained carefully in the registration, and may be challenged by the Tournament Directors. Normally players with unusually high provisional ratings may play out of rating order.

Time Control

Round 1: Game/60 minutes with a five second delay.

Rounds 2-5: Game/90 minutes with a five second delay.

Recording of games is required except in the last 5 minutes on either player's clock.


  3:30 pm Check in no later than 3:30; verify team roster and JV Individual players.
    Teams not checked in by 3:30 will be fined clock time in round one. Plan to arrive early!
  3:40 pm All-Players' meeting at 3:40 pm is important!
  4:15 pm Round 1
  7:00 pm Round 2
  9:00 am Round 3 clocks start.
  1:00 pm Round 4
  5:00 pm Round 5. Starting times will not be moved up.
  8:30 pm Awards
  9:00 pm End

Tie Breaks

If there is a tie for 1st Place there will be a speed chess team playoff (Game in 3 minutes with a 2 second delay), played with USCF touch-move rules.

The tie-breaks for all other ties for team trophies will be broken by the following tie-break system, in order:

  1. Head-to-Head:
    If two teams are tied and played each other, their head-to-head result will determine the top finisher. If more than two teams are tied, head-to-head will only apply if one of the tied teams beat all other teams in the tie.
  2. Modified Median: The sum of all your opponent's scores, save the worst-finishing opponent.
  3. Solkoff: The sum of all your opponent's scores.
  4. Cumulative Score: Add together the team's total score after each round.


Sets, boards, clocks, writing utensils. Score sheets provided. PLEASE COME EQUIPPED!! BRING CLOCKS & SETS!


Trophies to the top ten placing schools, plus the winning team also is awarded custody of the LaFreniere Cup (the Washington State High School Chess Team Championship rotating trophy).

Medals for members of the winning team. Medals for All-Stars at each board.

Tournament Pairings

Dave Ellinger will manage the pairing and is the Tournament Director.
Randy Walther and Rick Jorgensen will be the chief floor judges.

Entry Fee

$75 per team. All entry fees are to be paid at check in. No Purchase Orders accepted. Cash or checks only.

All entries at a minimum must show:
• the full team, in proposed board order
• the NWSRS ID number for each player
• the grade for each player (for unrated players use the word "new" but grade must always be provided)

All entries must use the online registration page or be emailed to Randy Kaech at dellinger@seaprep.org by Wednesday, February 28th at 8:00 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Absolutely no entries on site! No standard mail or faxed entries will be accepted!

Please respect the fact that considerable work must be done with the entries prior to the tournament.

Make Checks Payable To

WHSCA (Washington High School Chess Association) during check-in at the event.

Questions or Concerns

Email Randy Kaech at kaechster@gmail.com

Emergency phone number: At the tournament (if you are delayed), 206-458-9403 (Randy Kaech's cell phone)

2012 State JV Individual
Friday & Saturday, February 24 & 25, 2012

Date, Site, Ratings, Time Control, Schedule, Registration

All the same as for State Team, above.

Come equipped with sets, boards, clocks and pencils!


Five round Swiss system individual tournament, computer paired, no limit on number of players from a school.


Individuals are eligible if their school is fielding a team in State Team and if they have not played with their varsity team except as a sometime substitute. This is not an open event. This tournament is only for JV players accompanying their varsity teams.

Special note: Players (two alternates named in your registration) in this event may replace players on a varsity team and still receive a half point bye in the JV event. To do this, make sure the Tournament Director knows your intention before the conclusion of the previous round.


A suitable number of nice WHSCA trophies for top scoring individuals.

Medals for best performances in each grade, grades 9 through 12.

No Team Trophies are awarded in the JV Section.

Entry Fee

$15 per player.

A 100% pre-registered tournament.  No registrations accepted on site or after Wednesday, February 28th at 8:00 pm.

Please submit your list of players competing in the JV State Individual with your State Team Entry. Include first and last name, the NWSRS ID number (or indicate Unrated) and the grade for each player.