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2/16/20184:06 pm ratings ratings.php
2/10/20184:26 pm TA-StateTeam2018.html
2/10/201811:23 am tournaments Tournament Announcements - WHSCA tournament announcements
2/10/201810:32 am announcements HS Team Championship - state team event on Mar 3-4, 2017
2/10/201810:20 am home Home page - latest news and updates from WHSCA
2/10/201810:19 am home Welcome - who we are and how to contact us
12/21/20176:19 pm home Latest updates - most recently updated files by date
10/24/20171:09 pm TA-MiniTeams2017.html
10/23/20178:33 am announcements MS-JHS-HS Mini-Teams - announcing 3-man team event Dec 3, 2016
8/5/20171:51 pm tournaments Eligibility Policy - WHSCA eligibility for team events
8/4/20177:29 pm home Site map - lists all pages and files on this web site
8/4/20177:27 pm reports Tournament Reports - index to all tournament reports
8/4/20177:27 pm tournaments HS State Team History - who won the team championship every year since 1967
8/4/20177:26 pm forms Entry form, individuals - entry form for individuals
8/4/20177:25 pm about Tiebreaks and Check-In - why an accurate check-in is so important