Washington High School
Chess Association


Scholastic Links

Northwest Scholastic Chess League
News from the northernmost league. Randy Kaech has a terrific site and does a lot of work for chess.
Kingco Chess League
Covers all happenings east of Seattle to the mountains, and north to south from Bothell to Renton.
New Southwest Washington Scholastic Chess
Sponsor of this site is John Wise.
Chess in the Northwest
A cool page featuring, among other things, a history file of past champions in Oregon and Washington

Regional Links

Orlov Chess Academy
The Academy runs classes, camps, tournaments, clubs and quads for students K-12. We integrate lessons on openings, tactics, end games, strategy, tournament skills and sportsmanship. We are located in Redmond and Green Lake, and run after-school clubs and camps in many more places.
With locations in Bellevue, Bothell, Issaquah and Redmond, Chess4Life offers after school chess programs, evening and weekend tournaments for youth, chess camps, seminars, tutoring, and an online chess school.
Seattle Chess Club
The Seattle Chess Club offers news, events and photos of regional interest. Join the club to save money on entry fees for all SCC events.
Seattle Sluggers
The Seattle Sluggers is Seattle's professional chess team. If you're a die-hard chess fan, then get to know the team through the Slugger blog and keep abreast of what's going on by joining the Slugger Facebook page.
Open Window School
Open Window School presents an annual five-week, Summer Exploration Camp for 4 10 year olds, including a five-week chess program. Class size is limited to ensure a great camp experience for the children and is open to the public.
Georgi Orlov's Summer Chess Camps
Georgi Orlov's summer chess camps have become a mainstay of summer chess activity. Here's a chance to improve your game and have a fun summer activity all rolled in one.
Northwest Chess
News from the Northwest chess scene. The most relevant part of this site to the scholastic player is located under "calendar" on the top left part of the page. This section has tournament announcements for most important tournaments in Washington and Oregon. Northwest Chess Magazine is the publication of the Washington Chess Federation & The Oregon Chess Federation. Thanks to WCF officer Duane Polich, who is acting as webmaster.
Eastern Washington Chess Organization
The Eastern Washington Chess Organization helps coordinate elementary chess events in Eastern Washington, particularly in the Tri-Cities area. Visit their website ChessChampions.org for more information.
Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation
Promoting high quality chess events for scholastic and junior players. throughout Oregon.
Portland Chess Club
100 years of Northwest chess: Established in 1911, for the last century the Portland Chess Club has provided a place for chess players to congregate while hosting world champions and national tournaments.
K-12 Chess Association of British Columbia
Excellent site run by the K-12 Chess Association of BC. These are the people who organize the BC side of the Intermat Tournament. Check out what's going on north of the border, and maybe pay a visit up there for some great scholastic chess.
Chess Odyssey Camps (Oregon)
Pete Prochaska's great site from our neighbors to the south. Those of you in the southern part of our state, in particular, will want to find out what's happening in the Oregon Chess Scene.


A website by chess lovers fascinated by the game of chess and its culture. It includes articles, chess clubs and merchandise.
Raphael Neff's superb site. Secure server for safe credit-card payment. Do you like the books and equipment that the Neff family sell at our tourneys? They have a good website with the same goodies! Save them a drive an buy some of their stuff!
Owner David Weinstock is a craftsman too. This chess vendor sells typical stuff also but his specialty is high-quality sets and rare books.

National Links

United States Chess Federation
The official US Chess Site. A big site with top 50 scholastic lists, news, and many many features. Also has a fully-stocked chess store.

Multi-Use Sites

These next few sites are both newsy and commercial in nature. All are superb in some ways: Note that Inside Chess and Chessplayer are locally generated, too.

The Chess Cafe
Excellent writing on chess. Has articles that entertain, inform, and amuse. May be a problem for older browsers. Seattleite Mike Franett is one of my favorite columnists. Bruce Pandolfini has an excellent Q & A column for beginners. Has numerous GM contributors. Even has a arbiter's section for Ollie, Kirk, Paul & Jay! (one example from there: what do you do when a player stinks at the board? Check out their archive for the answer to that!)

Playing Sites

Currently the most popular chessplaying site going, with over one million chess games played daily. They also operate chesskid.com a safe website for elementary chessplayers.
The Internet Chess Club
My personal favorite playing site. A pay site ($24.50 per year for students) with 24 hour games in a friendly environment. Play chess, siamese (bughouse), giveaway, and other fun chess variants too. Consistent and reliable ratings. Parents: this site has filters for rude behavior.
Yasser has an excellent playing site too.
The Free Internet Chess Server
Another free chess server but without strong filters for rude behavior. Is reputed to have strong bughouse play.


Games to Play in the Car: A Guide to Chess
You can pass the time in the backseat of the car during a road trip with chess.
Type in your name, find your NWSRS rating, then click on it. A cool graph appears, charting your rating history, progress and comparisons within your group.
An online database of 2 million games can let you know where you first strayed off the path of the greats. Or, you can look through games of the Grandmasters. A nifty resource. Thanks to Nat Koons for the tip.
University of Pittsburgh Chess Page
Why is this page special? The archives they keep! Check out the FTP site and you will see there is a treasure-trove of good stuff to download.
Learn and play chess online from the experienced chess tutor. IchessU Ltd. is one of the best websites that offers online chess lessons from their experienced team of chess coaches and you can also play online chess games.