Washington High School
Chess Association

WHSCA Tournament Reports

Miniteams 2013 Interlake HS, BellevueWA Nov 16, 2013
HS State Individual Championship
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Bothell HS, BothellWA Jan 31-Feb 1, 2014
HS State Team Championship Location TBDWA Feb 28-Mar 1, 2014

Click Here for Tournament Results at RatingsNW.com — remember to update your bookmarks!

Ratings NW features enhanced search and sort features and a more user-friendly interface. There are new blog and social networking features to encourage chess players, parents, coaches and organizers to keep in touch, discuss topics and participate in the greater chess community.

After hosting the ratings system for many years, the WSCHA Board has decided to concentrate more on High School activities and allow the Washington State Middle School Association to sponsor the NWSRS chess web hosting and calendar functions.

Kirk Winges and Amy Coughlin continue to provide the actual rating calculations just as they always have.